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Notation: The Table of Contents below refers to contributions I had made to H. Müller’s Website, controversially named the “Karl Jaspers Forum”. Revisions, additions, corrections, stylistic changes, may have been made or made at any time. Therefore they may appear different from what one might find on the H. Muller’s “Forum”. But the differences are more apparent than real. The length of this Webpage, over 500 pages when completed, necessitates radical changes to compensate for the exclusion of that to whom and what I am referencing. Those familiar with the academic specializations involved should be able to fill in the gap, that is, supply the answer to what the question or subject matter under discussion might be.  My purpose is to eventually clarify such questions for the one who prefers not to cross-reference the extensive, complex, contextual slant of the “Karl Jaspers Forum”. 

I’m classifying the contents below as a debate between one who attempted to represent the late Karl Jaspers (a representative unavoidably individualistic from my personal perspective) with by far the majority who seemed less objectively interested in Jaspers.

How to arrange and present the Table of Contents below has been made difficult for it seemed Jaspers had been and still is being avoided by design. The design propagates merely that Jasper was open to communication and had nothing to declare.  I hope as need arises to do rearrangements that come across as more coherent. Other “Forum” Respondents I am addressing can use their own Websites and energies to express that to which they are committed. If the commitment is real, and economics favorable, there is no reason in today’s technology, that a cybernetic dialogue should not be universally available, such as Website(s) to Websites(s).

Listed first are my Target Articles 51 and 70 followed by my respective Responses. I may paraphrase and add that to which I am responding later. Every piece stands in need of correcting and elucidating. Sometimes Mr. Muller would supply captions, and most of those may not have been my choice. Reviewing the pieces and replacing the captions has been revealing in that there was a far greater coherence manifested than Mr. Muller’s captions showed.  That’s quite understandable and predictable, for I should know what captures my meaning, whereas Mr. Muller captured the meaning he preferred or of which he was capable.


TARGET ARTICLE 51--An application of psychopathology’s phenomenological method to some anthropological-psychological-sociological religious phenomena and religiously believed ontologisms pp. 148-169

Broaching Immanentalism, Response 1 to Moore

Toward a Meaningful Dialogue, Response 2 to Rifat

John Nash, My Early Memory, Depersonalizing Apeiron, Response 3 

Early Memory, Finally! Response 4 to Glasersfeld and Muller

Don’t Demyth the Reality of the Crucified, Response 5 to Moore and others

Commensurability of the Word and Crucifixion, Response 6 to Moore/Muller

Confusing Affect of the Apeiron and Incarnation Connection, Response 7

The Root of Apeiron and Unexperience, (Postscript), Response 8

An Immanental Apeiron not Cypher of Transcendence, Response 9 to Muller

Clarification Question, Response 10 to Pivicki

More about Apeiron as the Unexperienced, Response 11 (Editorial Reply)

Corrections, Responsive Reply 12

German/French @100% Needless, Jaspers’ Translators’, Response 13 to Freeman

Conversion, G. Walters, My Mission, Response 14 to Rifat and Horgan

Biblical Prelude To Jaspers on Creation, Response 15 to Archambeault


Evolutionism as Fundamental Ontology Not Scientific Differentiation, Response 1 to Muller

Beware of the Clear and Distinct, Response 2 to Herbert’s editorial annotation

The Need to Keep Jaspers Pivotal, Response 3

Strange Errors and Editorial Annotations, Misuse of Jaspers, Response 4

Dialectic With Evolutionist J. Johnson (Inc. Jaspers and Einstein), The Establishment of Religion by Evolutionism in Education Industry, Response 5

TA78 (Muller) Commentary 35 (to R8 and R11)


VARIOUS EXTRACTS—The following are objective displays for critical evaluation by others and myself. I’m not sure how to make cross-references yet, and what way to show adjustments and corrections. It is important that the references are not made as though some confirmed standard is being consulted, but rather a thing said need not be repeated though correctible My Website manager can apply the techniques but I must engage approaches and methods that fits purposes.


On Time As Subjective Only And Experience Relative To Consciousness, Short Note 36
Geronimo Immateriality Of The Material And Materiality Of The Immaterial, TA1, C28
Ribbing And Tongue In Cheek, TA1, C 30
Editorial Note By Muller About Jaspers Name Use And Evolution
Chardin, Berkeley, And Pope, TA60, C3
Certainty And Uncertainty In Schizophrenia, TA35, C36
Revelation And Authenticity, TA39, C30
Fevers And Apparitions, TA39, C37
Understanding Hallucinations And Experience, TA 39, C41
Community Hypnosis And Fatima Phenomena, TA39, C43
Claude-hopping Huguenots, TA 39, C46
Leadership By Slaughter, TA39, C50
Dykstra, Riegler, Muller—Post Modernism, TA40, C6


Karl Jaspers Society Session, Modernity, etc. TA40, C9
No Basis In Jaspers For Reality Dependent On “Mind”, TA44, C6
Mutnick And Wood On Faith And Content, Muller Note, TA45, C33
Hallucinations, Jaspers Not Convoluted, TA45, C34
Someone Is Fooling Me: Me! TA45, C35
Perichontology not Epiechontological Convolutions, TA45, C40
Jaspers On: Equal Footing For The Bible, TA45, C42
Jaspers As Source Of The Falsification Concept, TA45, C43
Coming And Going Encompassing Ripples, TA45, C49
Muller Misunderstands Popper—Challenger Disaster, TA45, C50
Jesus Made Good On His Statements, TA45, C52
Subjectivism Is Less Than Natural, TA45, C54
Periech-Enlightenment On Periechontology, TA45, C61
Beginning Debate Of Abstract Theory’s Evolutionism, TA45, C70


Timespace, Jaspers On Heisenberg, (Note by Muller),TA48, C20
Needling Experiential Objectivity, TA48, C23
Muller’s Vico Error And Bible Aversion Base For Anti-Objectivity, TA48, C26
Systematic Hitting Bottom In Zero-derivation, (Note by Muller on RC) TA52, C7
Tree Phenomenology And Diseases, TA53, C2
Beginning Debate On Quantum Evolutonism, TA53, 3
Philosophical Debate On Evolutionism Continues, TA53, C6


Continued Quantum Measuring And Machanisms, (Bone’s C11) TA53, C9
Constructivism Radically Departs From Jaspers, TA45, C1
Jaspers On The Limits of Science, Structures As Apparitions, TA54. C3
Evolutionism Jargon Requisite For Immanent Exclusivity, TA55, C10


The Questionable Quantum Law Of “Evolution”, TA55, C13
Cultural “Evolution” And Schizophrenia, TA55, C38
The Personalistic Leans Toward Imageless Self-images, TA55, C48
Dilemma Of Dalai Lama, Jaspers On Nirvana, TA55, C50
Being-as-such Not Subject To Evolutionism, TA55, C55
Squeezing Life From Zero-Derivation, TA55, C56


Muller’s Atheism Not Jaspers, TA57, C4
Vanity Press, Jaspers As Empiricist, Catholicism, “David Hume” Whom? TA57, C18
Givens vs. Conjured Willy-Nilly Unstructures, TA57, C22
Cusanus And Jaspers Differ On Learned Ignorance, TA58,C1
Owsley On Jaspers’ Periechontology (Note by Muller), TA58, C5
Jaspers And Szasz On Suffering, TA58, C8
Muller Identifies Imageless With Terrorists, TA58, C11
Jaspers Applied To The Updated Psychopharmacological, TA58, C12
Another Chardin, Berkeley, and Pope Comment, TA60, C3
Muller Dances To New Song-and-Dance, (Muller Note on naming forum),TA60, C9


Precipitating Manipulation of Jaspers (Muller replies on general interest), TA60, C11
Jaspers Better Aloft Than Atheistically Ascribed, TA60, C14
Evolutionist Nixon Charges “Contumelious”, TA60, C18
Evolutionist Charges “Ad Hominem” And Mullter “Amphioxus”, TA 60, C20
Evolutionism Surrogate For Immortality (Editor’s Catharsis), TA63, C15
The Fundamentalism Of Evolutionism, TA63, C18
Zero-Derivation Not Subject To Falsification, TA63, C24
Huxley Comforts Catholicism Via Agnosticism, TA63, C22
Debate Continues With Abstract Theory Of Evolutionism, TA63, C31
Jaspers Not Uncomfortable With Natural Science, TA63, C32
Wasting Jaspers On Evolutionsim, His Views Continued, TA63, C41


Lighter Side, Catching Muller In Reality Mode, TA63, C43
Getting A Responsible Life Beyond Evolutionism, TA63, C47
Church Confirms Evolutionism, Using Owsley, TA64, C8
Teihard On Fixism and Transformism, Religious Evolutionism, TA65, C3
An Example Of A Need For Objectivity, TA67, C10
Duality Of Time And Mental Vector Protocols, TA68, C
Jaspers Corrects Jean Hersch, TA68, C13
More About Duality Of Time, TA68, C15
Evolutionary Relativism, Consensus Or Jaspers, TA69, C7


Jaspers Says Hersch Wrong About Philosophers’ Talk, TA69, C20
Subjectivism’s Circularity vs. Resurrection Objectivity, TA69, C23
Muller Bashes A Critic Of Glasersfeld, TA73, C28
An Imaginary Therapeutic “Session” With Muller, TA73, C29
Critiquing Glasersfeld’s Theory Of Representations, TA73, C30


Bill Adams Lays Egg On Memory, TA73, C31
Glasersfeld Incorrect About Vico-Interpreters: Jaspers, TA 73, C33
Revised C33, Glasersfeld, Vico, Cusanus, TA73, C37
Glasersfeld Forwards Moyer’s Presentation, A Backfire, TA73, C46
Glasersfeld And Muller’s Epistemology Immersed In River Of Life, TA75, C21
Muller’s Noted Difference With Jaspers Expounded, TA75, C27

SECTION 11: (coming soon)

Counseling Muller On Misusing Jaspers Concepts, TA78, C4
Cybernetics and Jaspers, Evolutionism And Creationism, TA78, C9
Honing In On Zero-Derivation And Glasersfeld’s Agnostic View, TA78, C12

SECTION 12: (coming soon)

Let Intransitive Agnosticism Lay, TA78, C23
Glasersfeld’s Early And Late Use of Linguistics, TA78, C34
Unfolding Chiding Evolutionism, TA78, C36
Biological Diverticulum, TA78, C40
Primate Privileges Robbed Of Paul, TA78, C45

SECTION 13: (coming soon)

Progressive Disease And Objective Feelings, TA78, C50
Weeding Weedon’s Poetic Wisdom, TA78, C51
Scientific Attitude vs. The Fallacies Of Evolutionism, TA79, C5
Question To Roberts, TA79, C20
Avoiding Mischievous Words Of Distinction, TA79, C29
Jaspers On Humankind, TA79, C32
Beyond The Unity Of Experience And Thought, TA79, C36

SECTION 14: (coming soon)

Psyche-Responsibility vs. Pettifogging, The Fog Of Oxford’s Evolutionism, TA79, C39
Lamarck/Darwin Gradation Question To Roberts, TA79, C41
An Ovation To Conscientious Critiquing, TAs 81-82, C7
Halve-Mast Masthead?, TAs 81-82, C11

SECTION 15: (coming soon)

Jaspers On Consciousness And Science, TAs 81-82, C14
Uneasy Disease Questions, TA83, C8
Inpatients With An Outpatient, Short Note 51
(Including Phillip Benjamin’s Retort To Adams, Short Note 51)
Translations, Culture, And Sodomy, Panel Discussion Part 1, C6


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