“KARL JASPERS FORUM” UPDATE 37.3––Short-Notation: Herbert Müller and Ulrich Mohroff’s recent evolutionary atheistic bloging without Jaspers’ representation!
NOTATION on Herbert Müller and Ulrich Mohroff’s recent collaboration (August 4, 2008):



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1. Most recent postings on Müller’s misnamed “Karl Jaspers Forum [blog]” do not make references to the works of Karl Jaspers––though the opportunity is logically and easily suitable. Some Eastern thinking is being religiously described and propounded and enhanced by pop-evolutionism terminology without the benefit of this important psychopathologist. The blog’s custodian, Herbert, as an associate of McGill University, has assertively sought those postings––thereby exhibiting some academic prestige while also attracting Internet search-engines by nominally waving Jaspers’ name.

2. Most recent postings tend to lend a Herbert-Ulrich collaborative feature suggesting an intentional limiting of the influence of Jaspers’ works ( Jaspers is avoided perhaps because he cannot be presented as a creedal chanter of a biological doctrine; Jaspers’ references would mitigate opportunistic evolutionary and presumptuous (c)atholicity talk, talk done by both Herbert and Ulrich.

3. They concur about a shallow interpretation of Nietzsche’s God-expressions as though Nietzsche’s twilight book about illusions was unrelated to his life of pain and disappointment in love––a work done while still wallowing in the unrequited wooing of Lou Salomé (female member of the Freud’s circle), a life-death situation that led to challenging Rée to a dual. Backslapping harmoniously, Herbert and Ulrich manifest a “pompous comportment” (a description Jaspers could make, Origin 233) along with some shallow obvious highfalutin “German” quotations from Nietzsche while avoiding the scientific psychopathological review of Jaspers’ Nietzsche.

4. Their effort epitomizes the illogicality, the inconsistency that my “Karl Jaspers Applied” Website attempts to avoid. Whether relating the laws of thermodynamics to evolutionstheorie via an updated Buddhism’s intervention into ultimate reality, or promoting a Buddhist-Heideggerian type concern, intellectual fairness should include an awareness of the performance of the sacrificial suffering of the biblical Christ nailed to a tree, a rich continuum-phenomenon hardly comparable to an enlightenment reached while sitting under a tree (see Ulrich’s initial “KJF” quote

5. It is a shame to ignore referencing Jaspers, the psychopathology spokesman, who advises immersing ourselves in the “spiritual worlds of India and China…Muslims” (PFR 20), while primarily immersed in the “primal source” (Perennial 149).


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