Announcement: CD-book entitled "Saving Lilia’s Cry",
soon to be available by chapter on this web site.
Posted June 15, 2009



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"Saving Lilia's Cry" defends--in memoir fashion--my father’s character with the vigor with which I defend Karl Jaspers as the father of theistic existential thinking. Currently the public is hearing a resurgence of the word "existential" with a political slant. Political forces are increasingly and religiously reintroducing the word "existential". My CD-book protests--in Jaspers’ protestant tradition--the materialistic and mundane limitations placed on reality thinking and intellectual integrity.

This CD-book is defiantly anti-publishable in its form. It will include an outline style and photos wrapped into the text for effect.

Consideration is being given to making the work available in two other forms also: It should be available on a Webpage for reading and PDF printing, and it can be made available in paper-back form for the cost of printer-expense including paper, ink, and glue, and shipping. An estimated cost would be around thirty-five dollars upon receipt of orders and filled as timely as possible--a self-produced book (in part a reaction to the publishing industry).

It is not designed for pecuniary profit, but is being prepared to avoid others from misappropriating the contents for profit and unhealthy forces.

The memoir begins with camouflaged photos from the family album; they are of Clarence and Arlene Wood in the wooded area of the Wood estate and an unmarked grave. It proceeds with Pa and Ma’s religious conversion, then on with a local struggle with the Separation Clause, the effects of criminal activity at the Michigan Chemical Company, rumors, deaths, and etc. My involvement and memory is interwoven throughout which includes New Mexico’s "land of enchantment". . .

(Richard's comment quoted below was wholly unsolicited. He had been reviewing a trial-run CD "Saving Lilia’s Cry". I awakened this morning with a thought about making an announcement about the book-work on my Website while simultaneously wishing for someone other than myself to say something about the effort. After writing the announcement, I got on the Internet and Richard was on Chat. We were chatting about autos, when he incidentally mentioned that he had just then finished and emailed me a comment about the book. To my delight and utter surprise he had written the comment below.)

       Glenn Wood has a busy mind. Not very many of us in the common every day ways of life are willing to understand his kind of thinking. Being a natural analyst has its pros and cons, more cons than not. Meaning, thinkers like Glenn have more depth in understanding than most of us want to pursue.  Sometimes seeing the philosophical side of people results in disliking the common impulsive behavior most of us enjoy and choose to call our natural instinctive human behavior. Which isn’t necessarily a problem but if we refuse to admit it we cannot grow and overcome. Without personal critiquing we create our own paradox, standing against what is essentially true human behavior, that is, to better ourselves.  
        Knowing our choice of limitation is the most important analytical thinking we do. Life will mold us and shape us into our surroundings, if we are not careful. Moreover, the most self-honest people will be unshaped by simple thinking and can stand here on Earth before God in their honest-to-goodness truths.
        It is extremely frustrating to think this way and not have their family and friends understand them. It can lead one to disliking the world and its deliberate influence at an alarming overwhelming rate affecting everyone around them.
        Glenn is one of the most caring and generous individuals I know. Understanding him is not easy but now that I am willing to admit to myself why, I can now see the world I believe the way he sees it. I went through many years of hating allot. Music, movies, simple thinking and media influence along with the religious control to prevent analytical thinking, are the biggest blaspheme of all acts in my opinion. I can say this truthfully because I am his son, Richard. I find myself growing more like him and learning from him as I go.
        It is important to understand my father in his book. Not only does it help us see Pa and Ma’s minds but also this is an outright exposure of himself, allowing us to be inside his mind. I can't think of a greater compliment than that. Whether or not the reader can fully understand his point of view, know that it is an honest one and a view in the Wood’s history from the mind’s eye.

-Richard Wood



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